About US

“ a artist" that became such a broad statement, “I’m a Hiphop artist” that is becoming just as broader, cause from the fashion, acting, endorsements, modeling, and reality shows, sometimes we forget the music of this culture is what opened up all these doors. In New Rochelle, NY 10 minutes away from the Bronx, where hip hop was created. A discovery of an artist that still practices the traditions of this culture, with an authenticity and organic feel. But before a word leaves his mouth, his presents alone capture your attention with a sense of trust. He stand’s 6 foot 5 with a frame of a linebacker S.T.E.E.L.Y.O.N.E  a name put together as an acronym that gets confused nine times out of ten, is starting to gain notoriety  rapidly around New York.  His energy is captivating, to the extreme, But that's not to take away from his witty lyrical content, and stories about neighborhood friends that we all can relate too. His production selections prove that he is a fan, a student of this culture and also just a student of music. From his live shows at New York hot spots like the legendary S.O.B,s ,Knitting Factory, HOT 97,s WHO'S NEXT, DROM NYC,WEBSTER HALL, and E.O.W and also having music featured on, ,,  and also his impressive performance on  MTV,S OWN SWAY IN THE MORNING SHOW. Like i said before his notoriety is growing rapidly…
Also now as he
pushes for international success as he completed his first tour in Asia.. Connecting wit fans in  city's like
kaohsiung, Taiwan, Taipai, Taiwan and Tainan,Taiwan..
All of this following his third Sxsw appearance. In Austin Texas… in addition to him performing  and writing his own music... he's Ghost written material for many acts that's gotten him to work with featured  legendary artists  like Mob Deep, Ghostfacekilla ,talib kweli And  “Nas”... With all this said STEELYONE looks to make the definition of an artist even Broader...