Billy Shaw Jr

About US

The first thing you should know about Tucson's Billy Shaw Jr is that he is as Geeky, as he is Country. Friends call him a “High Tech Redneck - Mayberry meets Star Trek,” after the George Jones song. People always try to categorize him or ask “who is he like?”, and the answer really is that he does not look or sound like anyone out there in the country music world -- past or present. His unique and easily identifiable voice is strong emotion-laden and smooth with a deep hint of raspy multiplied by his vulnerable nerd quality as his fingers fly on his fiddle and he stops to adjust his big black glasses. 

Currently living in Tucson, Billy is a highly sought-after fiddler and vocalist who fronts his own Arizona band ‘playing fiddle from the middle’, meaning lead vocals + fiddle. 

“I love Country Music because of how the sounds and stories in the lyrics move me. Being a Singer and Songwriter I have a great appreciation for Songwriters, and these days people follow them as much as the artists they hear on the radio. When I am doing covers I still like to think that my versatility and ability to take a song and make it my own Country Jam whether it's old, new or across other genres is probably one of my greatest attributes as far as artistry goes. This is where my unique voice, fiddle playing and ability to arrange music while making it charismatic, believable and entertaining gives me an edge.”